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"A woman is the full circle.
Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform."

- Diane Mairechild


"There is no force equal to a woman determined to rise"

- W.E.B. DuBois


"A strong woman looks a challenge dead in the eye, and gives it a wink."


My name is Frances Inda Walker. I was named after both grandmothers - two strong women who survived during some of our most perilous times. My mother, Mrs. Joan Vaughn Walker, was a very well-renowned educator, mentor, leader and community activist during the 1960's, up until the moment she took her very last breath. So as you can see, I have a legacy to uphold and I walk proudly in their footsteps.

However, despite all of their professional success and even with all of the people they went above and beyond to help, they each suffered silently behind closed doors. The only thing they could not conquer was the battle of depression and discontent.

Therefore, I inherited the challenge and the charge to complete their unfinished work and break the cycle by empowering women just like you. For the past 7 years, I've been helping thousands of women all over the world enhance, romance and elevate their lives.

From wealth generation, health & beauty, to relationships, and becoming successful entrepreneurs. Women of all ages are reclaiming their power, passion and willingness to receive all of HIS promises to live the life of their dreams.

During our experience together you will be gently guided out of your comfort zone. You will be supported and coached to push and pull yourself out of the box. To go beyond your "before" self, to your "after" self of tomorrow. We will help you fill those voids with positive alternatives, we will support you in breaking down barriers.

You will soon become a fearless leader! Your self-doubt and insecurities will be replaced with confidence, healthy habits, long-lasting love and the financial freedom that will help you chart your course to fabulous, extraordinary living!



From a young age, Frances Walker learned beauty and poise, from her mother Joan Vaughn Walker. She instilled within her a strong sense of spirituality as well as a love for people, music and life. In 1995, Frances continued to follow in her mother's footsteps by graduating from Jackson State University with a B.S.in Elementary Education and later obtained her Master's degree in Educational Leadership from Wayne State University. She was a teacher and administrator in one of the largest urban school districts for over 17 years. She then took a long leap of faith and entered into the financial services industry as a manager for an international insurance & investment firm. She was heavily recruited by her own personal agent who felt she would excel because she was so good with "connecting" with people. Following her passion to determine her own destiny, she completed several mastermind training institutes and continues to be an innovative entrepreneur and motivational direct marketing expert in the industry.

#LadiesFirst is a movement

An experience that propels women forward to our rightful place with class, style and grace.

Don't worry about your past - LET IT GO! ...From this moment forward,
we will help you to recreate and reinvent yourself… into the woman…
the lady you were destined to "be".


"My message and mission empowers women to explore and embrace who and WHOSE they really are,
take back the traditional roles of womanhood, and create a life they can wake up to with a smile.",
says Frances Inda, who will release her much-anticipated book in December 2017.
This queen is poised and positioned to become one of the next great life coaches
for women who are ready to grow--one conversation at a time…

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    "Act like a lady… think like a BOSS."

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    "Enhance prosperity in your health, wealth and relationships."

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    "Inspire and impart into women who are ready to be enhanced"


From the glide in her stride to the swing of her hips--Frances knows all about the love and happiness found within the womb of womanhood. The multi-talented entrepreneur, life-coach and motivational speaker injects her insight into your everyday life by providing you with the Ultimate Guide to Extreme Self-Care-enhancing prosperity in all areas of the lives of women-just like you.

It comes to you as a beautifully blended combination of her coaching skills, love for life and expertise as a motivational mentor to all mankind. The Ultimate Guide to Extreme Self-Care is an experience that cultivates you into being that elegant, fabulous lady of excellence! Featured topics include mental, financial, spiritual and physical wellness, beauty care, and realizing your unique role within a healthy relationship.

#LadiesFirst Products

We help women get UNSTUCK by providing the "Ultimate Guide to Extreme Self-Care",
to enhance prosperity in your health, wealth and relationships.

"The Journey"
  • Are you ready to lace up those combat boots and START? (you know that's the hardest part!) In the #LadiesFirst Entrepreneur Bootcamp you'll uncover some of the world's most powerful techniques for entrepreneurial mindset, time-management and marketing and promotion utilizing the technology of today. These are advanced concepts for SERIOUS entrepreneurs who are committed to taking their business to the NEXT LEVEL! Apply these techniques to your business today!. This program is ideal for home-based businesses (direct sales) insurance/real estate agents, life coaches, product owners, internet and offline businesses. You will learn SIMPLE technological techniques—to make your business SOAR!

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"The Self Examination"
  • This 2-week individualized program is for anyone on a journey of self-love and discovery. Learn the basics of self-love, what it really means, and how to incorporate it into your life.

  • Custom Life -Coaching Package
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